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March 30, 2017
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Oil-Less Okro Soup

You see this era we’re in…It’s operation “Healthify” all-things-edible’ and one way to do just that is to cut the intake of unhealthy oil. So for the fam, here’s another oil-less soup to try out…











Ingredients;  for 2 servings

Okro– about 2 cups
2 Paprika (tatashe)
5 scotch bonnet (rodo) or more
locust beans (iru)
Shrimps, Fish
Chicken stock (optional)
Chicken, boiled/grilled
Ground crayfish
Seasoning cubes / salt to taste


Blend the tatashe and rodo with about half a cup of water
Season Fish and shrimps. Set aside
Slice one cup of the okro, and blend/grate the remaining okro (without water)
In a pot, pour the blended pepper, add about a cup of chicken stock and bring to boil
Add locust beans(iru) and crayfish
Stir in the blended okro and be sure to get a smooth consistency
Now add the seasoned shrimps, fish and chicken. If you want your soup liquid, you can add some water at this stage. Bring everything to boil, add seasonung cubes and the rest of the okro (the sliced ones)
Adjust taste and serve with any swallow of choice.

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